About MiSTO

How to organize your laboratory in an easy way

Misto is a co-working process management software based on Kanban and Lean work philosophy with which you can create the most effective test sequence in your lab.

An IT solution that contributes to the monitoring and efficient organization of workflows, thereby improving the efficciency of lab, utilization of laboratory equipment and human resources, and the scheduling of priorities and deadlines.


Most important features

Technical background

Real time follow-up

Real-time follow-up and recording provides information about the current status of laboratory processes. The actual…

Sample queuing

Using information such as the type of the laboratory samples, time-limits and the measurement tasks…

Merge of samples

MiSTO monitors which samples can be merged within the system and organized into measurement series…

Dynamic roles

The system provides unique handling of samples, separate process management, and signaling of priority tests.…

Why choose us?

The benefits of Misto usage

The time require for administration and workflow-management dramatically decreases

The throughput of the laboratory increases

Audited, transparent and measurable laboratory activities

Organization of work processes based on the Lean philosophy

Easier planning and sequencing

Pre-programmed rules for task execution and virtual mapping of professional protocols



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